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Should you feed your plants in winter? (Winter plant care tips)

Updated: Feb 10

winter plant care

Short answer:

Yes - Even though it's cold outside and they might not be growing as much, they still need those essential nutrients to stay healthy.

Long answer: Also yes, because:

  1. Unlike outdoor plants, most indoor plants don't take a break during winter. Indoor conditions can make plants feel like it's growing season all year round, just like their natural habitats. They might slow down but they don't stop, so a bit of fertilizer gives them the energy boost they need, and helps avoid deficiencies that could slow them down.

  2. And unlike outdoor plants that can tap into the nutrients in the ground, indoor plants are stuck with what's in their pots. Regular fertilizing makes sure they get a balanced diet and don't go hungry.

  3.  Watering can wash out nutrients from the soil over time. In winter, when plants might not be getting as much water, fertilizing helps replenish what's lost.

  4. Nutrient deficiencies can make leaves turn yellow or stunt growth. Regular feeding helps dodge these issues, keeping your plants looking happy and vibrant.

  5. Indoor conditions aren't always a plant's ideal habitat. Fertilizing supports them in adapting to things like artificial light, low humidity and limited air flow, so they can thrive in your cozy home. winter plant care

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