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JUNIPER is a working art and candle studio  + plant shop in Rotorua. It was born from a love of making and growing beautiful things, and a drive to avoid the mass-produced and the mundane.


We're located in a 90 year old building on the edge of the historic Ohinemutu Village, overlooking Lake Rotorua.

Rotorua is a fantastic place to live - there are beautiful and positive things happening here every day and we get to meet the loveliest people all day long! 

As well as local and NZ-made products, we make our own candles, jewellery + art, and we grow lots of our own plants in-house. We're always experimenting with new products and ideas. Becs and Shelley are the Juniper shop team.

We chose the name 'JUNIPER' because they are a family of hardy, resilient trees that can thrive in difficult conditions. Junipers are a symbol of shelter, protection, endurance and stability. Our shop is planted in a volatile geothermal landscape, in a city which has endured ups and downs, in a time in history which will be remembered for it's uncertainty  - but we hope to bring some shade and shelter and provide a space for local makers and creatives to grow.

We can't quite believe we get to do this every day! Pop in and say hi - we'd love to see you!

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